My current reading list:

"The Fire Starter Sesions : A Soulful  & Practical Guide to Creating success on your own Terms" by Danielle LaPorte

" Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" by Dr Joe Dispenza

"Hannibal and Me - What History's Greatest Military Strategist Can Teach us about success and Failure" by Andreas Kluth

"Spontaneous Happiness" by Andrew Weil, MD

Sage Healing Practices

Resources & What's New


Do you teach your classes to individuals?
       Yes....most of the time.  There are some classes that are best experienced in small groups.  Just ask!!

Are you on Twitter?
    Yes (finally!)  Look for Sage Healers...that's me!  

What is your 'other' website all about? is a companion site of a much more esoteric nature.  In my travels, I have met many talented teachers and those who are conduits of information.  This website has been created as a place to disseminate some of this knowledge.  This is a joint effort with my friend, Tom, and  we finally launched this project in 2012  Feel free to take a look and see if this 'your cup of tea.'

"Who is the astrologer that you always refer to?"
            My astrologer is Scott Wolfram                      
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