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March 19, 2013

A Balanced Spring…..

 There are days when we just know that we are moving through our lives at the correct pace: we hit mostly green lights on our commutes, serendipitously run into a person who had just crossed our minds and we don’t find ourselves feeling exhausted at the close of a busy day.

 Then there are the ‘other’ kind of days….the days when nothing seems to go right.  All phone calls and emails seem to announce one setback after another. 

 What is it that seems to flip that invisible switch inside of us that makes us not see the light that still shines around us even though our attention focuses on that which is negative?  What can we do to put things back to rights?

 When our present reality is not in balance, it becomes more tempting to dwell in the past or to dream about the future. That is very natural…and very human reaction.  It isn’t our past that has us bogged down: it is our present. 

 Remember to ask for help.  We have assembled wondrous teachers around us in this lifetime.  Perhaps some of them are not ones we would have chosen of own accord; they have been excellent teachers nonetheless. Listen to their whisperings and follow where the energy leads.  It is spring….perhaps part of what is missing at this point is time spent in gratitude as well as time spent out of doors.  We are meant to be out and about with people, spreading and receiving light and love. 

 Sometimes when we spend too much time indoors and in solitude, we find that we don’t like our own company as much as we should and our physical environment begins to reflect this.  Our life and surroundings are far cleaner and organized when we balance your life.

 There is the other extreme as well.  There are times when we spend so much of our time and energy elsewhere that our homes environment felt sterile and vacant.  Our presence is missed.  It is vital that our homes be infused with our unique energies so it can be a place to truly rest and recharge.

 The solution to this is balance. It is far more complicated than hiring someone to clean for us or just rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done.  The goal is to find the balance while honoring the flow of the energies.  Life will be so much cleaner, easier and enjoyable once we consistently follow where our energy leads us.

 I do not like sleeping in an unmade bed, so the solution is to create the time make my bed every morning.  Clutter spreads like a virus and drains our life force from us.  Being surrounded by incomplete projects and things that are no longer used is absolutely toxic to our souls.  It creates stagnation. 

 This is about so much more than ‘spring cleaning.’  It is really about how we choose to live your lives.  Let’s be about the business of organizing our space as well our time.  The gentle winds of spring are here.  It is truly time for a new beginning….in every aspect of our lives.  The burdens and fatigue we are carrying will be set down….as soon as we create the space for it.




March 1, 2013


This morning I discovered that my son and I had once again mis-communicated our schedules to one another….and this lead to a ‘gift’ of a few hours for me to catch up on things at home, such as watering my houseplants.

After watering the plants in my office (the home to a small palm type plant and a snake plant) I reached for my hourglass that I keep in one of my bookcases. My habit is to turn it every morning and evening.  To me, it represents motion in a room that becomes quiet and reminds me that we view time as a measured commodity even though I believe that concept to  be an illusion.

As my hand was just about to make contact with the hourglass I stopped cold.  The majority of the sand was already in the top chamber while there was a small puddle in the lower one.  How could this be? I had not been in my office in a few days due to a family crisis.  I am positive that I last turned it three days prior.

My perception is that I am being pressed in most of the aspects of my life.  I have been lamenting that there aren’t enough hours to accomplish what I feel the need to most days and everything seems to be priority.  Patience has never been my strong suit, so what has been frustrating me the most in recent days is that I am not the one making the decision to move forward.  The pattern that I see is that I make my decisions and then have to wait for the world to come into alignment with it before moving forward.  Rather than sit and stew over it, I shift my focus and energy towards another aspect but over time, this leads me to a place where I find myself spread too thin.  Several of those in my circle are going through serious challenges and in recent days, I have found myself joining them in that same place….and it is not a comfortable place at all.

I have never seen a ‘stuck’ hourglass until this morning and yet I can see the meaning of the symbol quite clearly.  Never in my life have I wanted to ‘stop’ time as much as I do today.  53 years (and just days away from it being 54) with my father has not been enough time and I cannot reverse the flow of the sands in his hourglass.  Yet stopping the sand from flowing results in stagnant energy…and I have to remember that his journey is his journey, just as mine belongs to me. 

I set my watering can aside and as gently as I could, I tapped the sides of the hourglass and watched the sands resumed their flow.  While I don’t know how we will get through the coming days, I do know that we will try to remember all we have been taught on our own journeys and know that we are always given the grace and strength to make the right decisions….and to remember our true priorities.



February 19, 2013


Planning vs. Over-thinking

 I have been surprised to realize just how much of my time is being spent writing in recent months.  Making a commitment to produce a monthly newsletter and attempting to write a blog while working a full-time ‘day job’ as a Wellness Manager, managing two websites, three Twitter accounts, four Facebook pages, building a practice and trying to create the time to teach a few classes….that’s quite a bit of information to keep straight and communicate!  I truly love what I do and yet I find myself wishing there more hours in a day.  It’s no wonder that I am so looking forward to working in the garden this spring.

The heirloom seeds arrived at work this week and I kept finding myself drawn them.  As I slowly spin the rack and touch the packets, I find myself a little overwhelmed.  So many choices!  If you know me, you know that I tend to ‘over-think’ things so I am not too surprised to see this showing up in this area of my life.  It isn’t just about what the flowers look like or the properties of the herbs themselves…what are their esoteric and traditional meanings?  Some plants symbolize concepts such as adoration (sunflowers), abundance (azaleas), comfort (geranium), grace and elegance (jasmine) while others are associated with the desires for riches (marigolds) or shyness (sweet pea).  Just one more layer of things to take into consideration…what are we really wanting to grow? And then I discovered that not all sources agree on the meanings.  Begonias symbolize “deep thoughts” in one reference and “beware” in another.

 Always wanting to take things to the next level of thought, I went back to my apartment and considered looking up the meaning of the plants that have found their way to me over the past decade.  As I watered my plants, I realized that I could easily let go of this potential project.  Each and every plant had a history that is unique to me on a more personal level: the aloe had been destined for the dumpster and a co-worker begged me to take it home.  I was reluctant to do this because my life was in turmoil.  How could I grow something in that state?  I had not taken care of a plant in almost two decades.  The young man looked at me with wise eyes and told me that I was a healer and that I could save that plant by allowing it to remind me about who I really am.  He was right: the plant thrived and is with me today. 

 My office hosts a small palm like plant that was the birthday gift from a dear friend and I think of him every time I water it.  The philodendrons started as cuttings from a friend’s plant.  She shared the history of it with me: they were from the first plant she had bought for her husband.  My begonia came from her as well.  They were not doing well in her guest room but thrived with me.  I admit that I am not the best "Plant Mom": I am too indulgent with them and pretend not to notice as they lean onto the blinds and approach the ceiling.  At that point, I apologize profusely and prune.

 Even the containers have meanings.  I select them with care.  There’s a basket that I use to hold cuttings (and it serves as my purse when I dress as a witch on Halloween)…it has meaning as well.  As I departed the funeral home the night before my mother’s burial.  It had been a long and emotionally exhausting day and  I was thinking about how she would have enjoyed the flowers.  The arrangements were amazingly beautiful.  The director of the establishment (a childhood friend) asked me to step into his office for a moment and there he handed me the basket filled with flowers.  Looking at the card, I told him there was a mistake: flowers from this person were already inside.  My friend smiled and said there was no error.  There had been specific instructions to put this basket into my hands when I left for the evening.  I walked out the door with my basket of flowers sent from someone halfway around the world and I did not feel so alone anymore.  Every time I see the basket, I think of him and his gracious gesture.

 Those of us who will be working the garden will find it to be part of our journey and healing process.  We will just have faith that we are planting the right seeds at the right time….and if we need clarification, I will use my pendulum. 




 February 2013

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.  ~Mirabel Osler

It isn’t spring yet, but we are already planning the garden.

One on of the coldest nights we have seen this winter, I found myself sitting in my friend Elizabeth’s 1880’s farmhouse that is now surrounded by a housing development.  Her generous nature and willingness to give us space to execute our dreams and follow our energy has resulted in the fruition of many projects.  Two of my favorite endeavors have lead to constructing a labyrinth in her backyard and a garden out in front of the farmhouse.

The garden was created in 2009 as a means to provide fresh, organic produce for our friend who had been diagnosed with cancer.  While she did not survive the summer,  the garden remains, supplying us with squash, kale, cucumbers, basil and tomatoes over the following summers.

The garden has been calling me all winter.  Some of the required reading for my “day job” included such classics as “Organic Manifesto.”  I am fortunate to work for a company that regards this as a good use of my time.  Taking my compost to work with me has become a daily activity.  It took a while for me to understand that these activities and many others were all a part of the garden’s voice.  Finally, the pieces came together for me as Elizabeth and I poured over her gardening books and made the first draft of potential plantings: this is my year to indulge in gardening and to get my hands really dirty once again!

We are planning a garden that will include a larger variety of vegetables and herbs than in previous years (using heirloom seeds when possible) as well as the addition of flowers.  I have been busy researching container gardening, looking at designs and I am finding it to be a warming project in many ways. 

Activities such as gardening allow us to use the three major parts of ourselves: the physical, the emotional and the intellect.  It creates space and opportunity for balance in our lives while allowing us to provide nourishment for ourselves and those around us. Yes, I will still go out and support my favorite farmer’s markets this summer and continue to buy organic produce at work (because I will feel as though I am cheating on my produce guy if I purchase anything elsewhere.) And yet I am happily anticipating sitting on the bench by the labyrinth enjoying the first pitcher of my herbal lemonade (a delightful and calming combination of lemon verbena, lemongrass and lemon balm)….but until then, I will enjoy my mulled cider, consult my herbal resources and dream of warm, sunny days and freshly turned soil.

In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.      ~Robert Brault




December 2012

A Sense of Purpose....

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is around the corner and it is time to unpack the decorations and break out the holiday CD’s for our commute.  There are cookies and cakes to bake, cards to write, parties to attend, gifts to be wrapped and family to visit.  It flies by so fast and New Year’s will be upon us in less than a month and the long anticipated year 2012 will be shown the door as we turn another page, entering 2013 with a clean slate.

We hope and expect that a new year will bring the changes we desire. Change can be good: if we are not changing, we are not challenging ourselves nor are we growing. Change can also be uncomfortable, unexpected and we might feel as though we have lost our way.  Perhaps our plans and aspirations are no longer a good fit for who we have become along life’s journey.  What do we do now? 

 At first, we feel uncomfortable with ourselves and the way things are at the present time. Discomfort is a signal that we need to make some changes.  We may feel overwhelmed or that we have become lost in a mental fog while searching for a reason; the ‘why’ behind the ‘what happened.’ Our friends and loved ones can provide understanding and comfort by creating a safe harbor for us while we struggle to find our bearings once again. While it is tempting to quickly move forward and away from the situation, it is wise to pause and ask ourselves a simple question:  do we feel that the path we are following is leading us towards our purpose?   

 There are tools we can use help us clarify intentions.  A few of my favorite tools are as follows:

  • Ask that the Universe send us reminders of who we really are and what we are here to do.  Create a journal to record the positive reminders. 
  • Cultivate friendships with those who are like-minded and create a network in which you can contribute and receive support. 
  • Make a list of tools that you find useful such as Bach Flower Remedies, essential oils and specific meditations.  Review and use these regularly.

 New Year’s is a natural time for reflection and reviewing our goals to ensure they are aligned with our purpose.  It can also be a time to remind ourselves of who we really are at the core of our being as we make plans for creating a life that is more in line with our goals.

 Our bodies are changing everyday.  Our thoughts alter who we are today and who will become in the future.  When we feel lost in that foggy quagmire, the first step to becoming ourselves once again is to regain control of our thoughts: focus on where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. 

Remember the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and the Laws of the Universe. Invoke the Law of Attraction.  Energy follows our thoughts!

Know that using our tools while reviewing our goals and intentions on a regular basis is vital to keeping in our minds and visions aligned with our purpose. Our journeys may seem to take us off course but in time we can see that is truly a matter of perception: are we willing to meet these changes with resistance or acceptance?  Living our lessons with patience, grace and dignity will help as move forward and accept the wisdom we have found, even from the lessons that we experience as being challenging and bittersweet.  Knowledge is never wasted. Cultivate gratitude for the wisdom we have gained.

Remember: the Universe is always conspiring on our behalf.  May our lives move forward towards our true purpose in the New Year with greater focus, clarity and understanding of our purpose .









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