Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity
- Hippocrates
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I founded Sage Healing Practices with the goal of customizing protocols to support & accomplish a person's health and emotional objectives....both short & long term.

 Sage Healing Practices has been created to facilitate an on-going support structure, including the creation of an environment to support the healing process.  There are many tools that are used, including nutritional counseling services utilizing 

    Traditional nutritional methodologies

    Alternative approaches to health concerns

    Energetic healing arts

Teaching & application of "hands on" healing:

I began my studies over 25 years ago in a wide range of healing and personal power related arts and has assembled an extensive array of skills, knowledge, and tools. My unique birth chart, insatiable curiosity, and persistent ability to ask questions has inspired me to always look behind the scenes or under the surface for the evaluations and solutions to my client’s individual situation.

Utilizing my solid background in nutrition, education and research as well as my natural desire for order and organization , I acquire and communicate complex and accurate information that can be easily understood in a patient and understanding manner. 




 For additional information or questions, please contact :

Karen  Sue Schroeder, CNC : SageHealingPractices@gmail.com
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