Beginning in September 2012, my friend Tom & I began experimenting with podcasts via BlogTalk Radio.  We wanted time to get comfortable with the process, so we did not announce these broadcasts on the websites. 

We have settled into a routine that we are comfortable with at this time: we record one show per week, alternating hosting between Sage Healing Practices (Karen) and Sage Words Today (Tom).  We try to achieve balance between the show topics whenever possible, for example if Karen does a show on sleep, Tom does one on dreams.  We like this approach because we get to cover topics in a more complete manner.

These podcasts are usually recorded live on Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m.on BlogTalk Radio's website.  They are available in real-time as well as at your convenience.
A list of upcoming broadcasts and archived shows are listed below.  Enjoy!

Upcoming Podcasts:

4/1/13  Superfoods: How can they work for you?

4/6/13  Aspects of Healing

4/15/13  How are we Nourished by Nature?

4/22/13  The Creative Process

Archived Podcasts

3/25/13  Forgiveness

3/18/13  Vernal Equinox & Spring Health Tips

3/11/13  Changes: Awakening with the Spring

3/4/13  Taking Care of Our Hearts

2/25/13  Love & Self-Worth 

2/18/13  How Our Emotions Effect Our Bodies

2/11/13  Dealing with the Heart (part 2)

2/4/13  Chemistry of Love

Dealing with the Heart (Part 1 of 2)

Enhancing the Immune System

Emotional Detox for the Soul

Cleanses & Detoxification for the New Year

New Year's & Re-creation of Self

Gifts for yourself

Winter Solstice & December 22nd: the Dawning of a New Age?
Part 1

Part 2

Aromatherapy for Winter & the Holiday Season

Meaning of the Holidays

Stress & Holidays



Skin Care for Fall and Winter

Essence of Dreaming

Exploring Sleep Issues

Tools for Emotional Transition

Autumnal Equinox and Fall Health Tips

  • “Men’s Health” 6/20/10 archived at :

Sage Healing Practices

Upcoming Classes



The month of February is the shortest month of the year and yet it can be seem to be so long.  We have grown weary of the cold and the ice and spring seems months away. We feel stuck and as for those New Year’s resolutions we made….what were we thinking?  You are not alone! In this spirit, Sage Healing Practices announces its’ second class for 2014:


‘Invoking the Snow Leopard’


The Snow Leopard is an animal found in Central Asia and it has long been surrounding by mythical qualities.  Legend has it that the Snow Lepoard jumps from mountain peak to mountain peak, never descending into the valleys.  When we find ourselves stuck on our journeys, it is wise to emulate the snow leopard and shift our focus to the next peak rather than the blockages in the valley below.

Join us for a late (and hopefully mild!) winter’s afternoon of experiencing and exploring techniques and activities to help use shift beyond the points where we are feeling stuck. We will be learning about herbs, essential oils, flower essences, elements of the mineral kingdom, tools and symbols in a warm, supportive atmosphere.  This class will incorporate theory (the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’) with a healthy dose of practice, so please dress for going outdoors.


Due to the hands-on nature of this class it is necessary to limit the number of participants (& if it fills quickly, an additional date will be offered soon!)


When:  February 23rd , 2014 (Sunday)  1:00pm – 5:00pm

Where:  Falls Church, VA  (address provided upon registration)

Price:  $44.00


Class begins promptly at 1:00 pm.  If you would like, feel free to arrive at the farmhouse as much as a half an hour early and have a cup of tea or enjoy winter’s afternoon stroll in the labyrinth.

Karen will be available for private consultations after class on a very limited basis.  If you are interested, please email her at



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